1994 Ford Taurus Ignition Switch Removal Service and Repair

May 29, 2010 by admin
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REMOVAL 1. Disconnect battery ground cable. 2. Remove four or five steering column shroud attaching screws, then the shroud. 3. Remove tilt lever, if equipped. 4. Remove instrument panel lower steering column cover. 5. Disconnect ignition switch electrical connector. 6. Place lock cylinder in RUN position, then remove two ignition switch attaching screws. 7. Disengage ignition switch from actuator pin.

INSTALLATION 1. Set ignition lock and switch in RUN positions, then install ignition switch onto the actuator pin. 2. Install switch attaching screws, moving switch slightly back and forth to align switch mounting holes with column lock housing threaded holes. Torque screws to 50-70 in lb . 3. Connect electrical connector and battery ground cable. 4. Inspect switch for proper function, including START and ACCESSORY positions. Ensure steering column locks with switch in LOCK position. 5. Install instrument panel lower steering column cover, trim shrouds and tilt lever. 6. Connect battery ground cable.


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