2005 Honda Civic Front Knuckle/Hub/Wheel Bearing Replacement

May 25, 2010 by admin
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Special Tools Required SDAA1001. Raise the front of the vehicle, and support it with safety stands in the proper locations. 2. Remove the wheel cap, wheel nuts, and front wheels. 3. Remove the brake hose bracket mounting bolt (A). 4. Remove the caliper bracket mounting bolts (B), and remove the caliper assembly (C) from the knuckle. To prevent damage to the caliper assembly or brake hose, use a short piece of wire to hang the caliper assembly from the undercarriage. Do not twist the brake hose with force. 5. Raise the stake (A), and remove the spindle nut (B), then remove and discard the nut. 6. Remove the brake disc retaining flat screws (A). 7. Screw two 8 x 1.25 mm bolts (B) into the disc to push it away from the hub. Turn each bolt two turns at a time to prevent cocking the disc excessively. 8. Remove the flange bolt (A) and wheel sensor (B) from the knuckle. Do not disconnect the wheel sensor connector. 9. Remove the flange nut (A) while holding the joint pin (B) with a hex wrench (C), and disconnect the stabilizer link (D) from the lower arm (E).


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