2006 Civic Immobilizer Indicator Is Blinking, Engine Won’t Start

May 21, 2010 by
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The engine does not start, and the immobilizer indicator is blinking (especially if the battery recently went dead and the engine was jump-started).
The immobilizer IMOES code has been erased.
NOTE: This problem occurs only if all these conditions are met: • The security system is set. • The battery goes dead. • Battery power is connected to the vehicle, then disconnected in a very short period of time (milliseconds).
If the vehicle meets these conditions, or if the condition is unknown, go to DIAGNOSIS.
NOTE: When the immobilizer system is not allowing the engine to start, the results vary depending on the model and how quickly the ignition key is turned. 2006 Civic 2-Door, 4-Door, Si, and GX • If you quickly turn the ignition switch from LOCK (0) to START (III), the engine starts and runs for about 1 second, then shuts off. • If you turn the ignition switch to ON (II), then pause before turning to START (III), the starter cranks, but the engine does not start. • When the ignition switch is returned to LOCK (0), the indicator blinks 10 times. 2006 Civic Hybrid • During moderate weather conditions, if you turn the ignition switch to START (III), the gauges and gauge indicators come on, but the engine does not crank. • During extremely cold conditions (about 0° F or lower) or a low IMA battery.


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