02-05 Audi A4 L4-18.L Intake Kit Installation Instructions

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Step 1: Complete kit. Make sure you have all the components before you begin your installation
Step 2: Complete stock intake
Step 3: a. Remove two screws holding factory fresh air duct in place.
b. Pull fresh air duct out of vehicle and save for later use
Step 4: a. . Remove two screws holding top half of airbox in place.
b. Loosen clamp holding factory tube in place.
c. Unplug MAF Sensor.
Step 5: Remove top half of factory airbox.
Step 6: Remove clamp holding top breather filter on factory tube.
Step 7: Remove clamps holding second breather from top of factory tube. Save elbow for later use.
Step 8: Remove clamps holding third breather filter from top of factory tube. Plug can be disconnected for ease of removal.
Step 9: Loosen clamp holding fourth breather down from top of tube with slotted screwdriver.
Step 10: Loosen clamp at turbo and Last breather tube. Pull factory tube out of vehicle.
Step 11: Pull off front grill near Passenger side fog lamp
Step 12: Remove fog light from vehicle.
Step 13: Disconnect Air pump hose at pump.
Step 14: Remove fitting from air pump hose and install provided breather filter. Install filter onto air pump and replace fog lamp and grill.
Step 15: Remove MAF Sensor from top half of air box.


Dirito Brothers’ Dealerships Step up to Support Nissan 350Z T2 Race Program

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If you’ve been following this column, you’ll remember a very flattering article last month about the Mitsubishi EVO VIII MR, with an evaluation of its potential for racing action with the SCCA. Well, we’ve taken a step further into this racing discussion, and – this time – we got hooked. Last February, we began a discussion with Don Dirito of Dirito Brothers Nissan, VW, and Saab in Walnut Creek and Concord about the possibility of racing a Track model 350Z with support from their dealership. While we have a very high degree of respect for the EVO, when it comes to racing, there is just something about a traditional, normally aspirated, rear wheel drive two-seater sports car. And this appeal grew as we did more homework and discovered that the 350Z had shown well in the SCCA national racing program. Don Dirito was not familiar with SCCA racing.
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1994-2007 BMW Engines Crankcase Ventilation System Check

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All current BMW engines (M42 (from 1/94), M44, M52, S52, M60, M62 and M73 engines) incorporate a pressure-controlled crankcase ventilation system. If oil consumption issues are being diagnosed, this information can be helpful. The crankcase ventilation systems use various crankcase ventilation valves depending on the engine type as shown in Figure 1 below.
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2007 Chevrolet 2500HD Crew Cab Pro Step Installation Instructions

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Prepare to Install Kit Drivers Side of Vehicle
Install kit driver side front bracket (body mounted).
a. Support Transmission crossmember remove two bolts on driver side frame rail.
b. Disconnect emergency brake cable at connection located in proximity to crossmember.
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Cracked Turbo Hose Fix (ADAP09) FAQ for 2002-2007 Dodge Sprinter

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What is the cracked turbo hose Fix ?
A. The cracked turbo hose fix, our ADAP06 is a billet aluminum adaptor that replaces the metal end on the intake side turbo hose found on the driver’s side on the 2.7 liter, 5 cyl. In-line Mercedes Benz turbo diesel engine found in 2002 up to2007 Dodge Sprinter Vans. Our Hose adapter has a nicely rounded end which resists hose cracking even in high temperatures, high vibration and high boost pressures. The Sprinter chassis is becoming increasingly popular with RVers and commercial users because of its great fuel economy and driver-friendly characteristics. However, the intake turbo hose with its flawed metal ends is causing the Sprinter chassis to suffer an inordinate amount of breakdowns.
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1996-2000 Audi A4 Short Throw Shifter Installation Instructions

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This B&M Short Throw Shifter has been designed to work on most 1996-2000 Audi A4, 2000 Audi S4, 2000 Audi A6, and 1996-2000 Volkswagen Passat models. It has been engineered to greatly reduce shift throw and improve shifter feel. Check the parts and tools lists at the beginning of these instructions for the supplied parts and the tools required to install your B&M Short Throw Shifter. Installation of the B&M Short Throw Shifter can be accomplished by anyone with minimal mechanical experience.
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Stratmosphere Audi S4 Supercharged HyperFlow Induction System Installation Instructions

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We appreciate your purchase of the new Stratmosphere HyperFlow high performance induction kit for your supercharged Audi S4. Your smart choice is a great reflection of your intelligence and discerning taste! You now own the first truly custom induction system for the supercharged S4 in the world. One that has a custom fit and makes real power. Make sure you carefully read our instructions prior to installation and get your tools ready for an easy job. As always, we are here to help and we want to make sure you enjoy your S4 to the maximum!
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2000-04 Audi 2.7T AWE/McNeil Competition Air/Air Intercooler Kit

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Congratulations on your purchase of the AWE/McNeil Competition Intercoolers for your 2.7T Audi. Hundreds of hours of design and operational testing were spent to ensure maximum results without compromise. You have truly selected the best performing intercooler kit for the 2.7T engine. While the install is fairly straight forward, please review these instructions carefully before attempting installation. If you do not feel comfortable installing this kit on your own, contact a professional installer in your area. While the car pictured is an Audi S4, installation except where noted is similar on both the A6 and allroad 2.7T.
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Audi B7 A4 2.0T: K04 Turbo Installation

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K04 Turbo Installation Write Up
The K04 kit comes with everything you need (except tools). Every gasket, nut, bolt and screw that is removed in order to get the K03 off and the K04 on is supplied within the kit. It is not recommended that you drive the car with either the K04 turbo and K03 programs or vice versa. So it is a good idea to have your ECU flashed with the K04 programs prior to installing the K04 by removing the ECU and sending it in to APR (see my ECU Removal Write Up).
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2005 Cadillac CTS V Power Steering Pump Replacement

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Identifying Power Steering Reservoir Outlet Hose At Power Steering Pump
1. Remove the front air deflector. Refer to Air Deflector Replacement – Front in Body Front End.
2. Place a drain pan under the vehicle.
3. Remove the power steering pulley. Refer to Power Steering Pulley Replacement.
4. Remove the power steering reservoir outlet hose from the power steering pump.
5. Disconnect the power steering pressure line from the power steering pump.
6. Remove the power steering cooler outlet hose from the power steering reservoir
7. Remove the power steering pump to power steering pump bracket bolts.
8. Remove the power steering pump from the power steering pump bracket.
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