Alfa Romeo V6 Petrol Engine Setting/Locking Tool Kit

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VS1410 Kit incorporates Camshaft Setting Plates, which are fixed in place of the camshaft bearing caps to accurately position the four camshafts in their timed positions. The kit also includes the specialised Tensioner Tool required to correctly adjust belt tension on this engine.
NOTE: TDC position is established using VS1404 TDC Positioning Tool – an associated tool, not included in this kit. VS1404 requires a suitable Dial Test Indicator, such as AK9634M.
ALFA ROMEO: 156 (97-) V6 2.5 Quad Cam 24v. Petrol Engine. AR324.01 2.5 engine.
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Range Rover Engine Cylinder Head Components

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1. Rocker cover – right hand 2. Engine oil filler cap 3. Oil filler dust cap seal 4. ’O’ ring – oil filler cap 5. Bolt – rocker cover (4 off; 2 x short, 2 x long) 6. Rocker cover – left hand 7. Gasket – rocker cover 8. Cylinder head – left hand 9. Valve spring cap (16 off) 10. Valve stem oil seals (16 off) 11. Collets (16 pairs) 12. Valve spring (16 off) 13. Valve seat insert (16 off) 14. Exhaust valve (8 off) 15. Inlet valve (8 off) 16. Seal – inlet Read more

Lead Replacement Petrol (LRP) Technical Bulletin

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1. What is Lead Replacement Petrol (LRP)? LRP is simply Premium Unleaded Petrol (PULP) to which the refineries include an additive to provide Valve Seat Recession (VSR) protection.
2. Why do we need LRP? Lead (or more accurately, tetraethyl lead) performed two functions in petrol: Firstly, it boosted the octane level of the petrol. This meant that the refineries could reduce the cost by producing relatively low octane Read more

3 3/4″ Tachometer Engine Cylinder Adjustments Installation

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This tachometer is factory calibrated for 8 cylinder engines. For operation on 4 or 6 cylinder engines, a switch adjustment must be made.
1. Remove cup by placing the tachometer face down on a smooth surface. Remove the phillips screw on the back and gently lift the cup off to expose the circuit board. Take care
not to pull on the wires.
2. Locate the switch on the circuit board. Move each of the two switches to the proper cylinder selection according to the diagram illustration on the right.
4 Cyl.- Both switches down
6 Cyl.- Switch #1 down. Switch #2 up
8 Cyl.- Both switches up
3.Replace the case on the tach with mounting bracket at the bottom (make sure the wires are clear of the screw hole).
4. Replace the screw
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2008 Audi A5 Advanced 6 Cylinder Engines

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2008 Audi A5 Advanced 6 Cylinder Engines
The Audi A5, successfully launched on the market in mid-June, is now available in two new engine versions: as a 2.7 TDI and as a 3.2 FSI, each combined with continuously variable multitronic transmission. Audi is thus continuing to extend its range in the high-quality coupé segment.
New engines for the Audi A5 are a choice of two high-revving and efficient six-cylinder engines with continuously variable multitronic for comfort-oriented drivers.
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Toyota Prius Hatch Automatic Petrol/Electric Hybrid Road Test Report

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Toyota was beaten by Honda in the race to get a hybrid vehicle on to the Australian market, however the enforced delay (brought about by Design Rule and tax concession issues) has brought benefits for buyers. The Prius now on sale here for $39,990 is the latest model that is currently on sale in Japan.
The Toyota Prius made its debut in Japan as the world’s first production hybrid vehicle back in 1996 and more than 60,000 have since been sold around the world. These early cars formed the basis for testing in Australia and were also used as evaluation vehicles by some State Governments and fleet operators.
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2008 Ford Fusion Engine Lubrication Components

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IN-VEHICLE REPAIR Engine Lubrication Components — Exploded View Oil Filter Element, Oil Filter Adapter and Oil Pressure Sender 5 6744 Oil filter element 1 6C684 Oil filter drain plug 6 6884 Oil filter adapter 2 W707718 Oil filter drain plug O-ring seal 7 14A464 Secondary Air Injection (AIR) pump electrical 3 6A832 Oil filter cover connector (part of 12B637) 4 6885 Oil filter cover O-ring seal 8 9A486A AIR pump 12 14A464 EOP switch electrical connector (part of 12B637) 9 W500032 AIR pump bolt (3 required) 13 6A636 Oil filter adapter gasket 10 W500225 Oil filter adapter bolt (4 required) 14 7A508 Clutch slave cylinder bolt (2 required) 11 9278 Engine Oil Pressure (EOP) switch 15 W706360 Clutch slave cylinder (Continued)
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2007 Saturn Aura Engine Technology

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2007 Saturn Aura Engine Technology
Engine experts have dreamt about it, talked about it, and lectured about it, and today – for the first time – General Motors Corp. (GM) is letting outside parties drive the “most awaited advanced combustion technology” of the last 30 years. GM has taken new combustion technology out of the lab and on to the road with GM’s brand new HCCI combustion technology debuts in two driveable concept cars. The system essentially uses diesel-type technology on petrol engines with stunning results. HCCI is used in conjunction with other advanced technologies can result in 15% fuel savings.
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GM 6-Cylinder Cam Tool Set 3.0L and 3.2L Operating Instructions

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Crankshaft Holding Tool
Application : 2002–2003 3.2L VIN N used in Cadillac CTS
1997–2001 3.0L VIN R used in Cadillac Catera
2001–2007 3.0L VIN R used in Saturn L300 & LW300
1996–2003 3.0L used in Saab 9.5
1. Use No. 536613 crankshaft socket to rotate the crankshaft to TDC #1 on the compression stroke. Rotate the crankshaft counterclockwise (CCW) until the timing mark on the crankshaft is at the 6:00 position.
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2004 Audi A3 Direct Petrol Injection and Ignition System

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Mixture preparation – injection Servicing injection system General notes on self-diagnosis
♦ The engine control unit has a self-diagnosis capability. Before carrying out repairs and fault finding the fault memory must be interrogated. The vacuum hoses and connections must also be checked (unmetered air).
♦ Fuel hoses in engine compartment must only be secured with spring-type clips. Clamping-type or screw-type clips must not be used.
♦ A voltage of at least 11.5 V is required for proper operation of the electrical components.
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