2008 Ford F-250, 350, 450, 550 Super Duty Wiper and Washer Removal Installation

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Wiper and Washer System — Exploded View Front Wiper System 1 17526 RH/ Wiper pivot arms required) (part of wiper motor 17527 LH assembly) 2 022A68 RH/ Cowl grille panel 7 — Wiper pivot arm (part of 022A69 LH wiper motor assembly) 3 W703845 Windshield wiper mounting 8 17508 Windshield wiper motor arm and pivot shaft assembly bolts (3 required) 4 17508 Pivot shaft assembly 5 — Windshield wiper motor bolts Read more

2003 Subaru Outback Wiper & Washer Systems

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2003 ACCESSORIES & EQUIPMENT Wiper & Washer Systems – Baja, Legacy & Outback REAR WIPER ARM
Removal 1. Raise wiper arm cover (A). 2. Loosen nut to remove wiper arm.
INSTALLATION 1. Install in the reverse order of removal. 2. Operate rear wiper once. 3. Align blade to rear defogger heat wire (A).
Tightening torque: Refer to FRONT WIPER , COMPONENT, General Description.
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1953/54 Chevrolet RainGear Wiper System Installation Instructions

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Pacific Western Design 53/54 Chevrolet Wiper System is designed to install in cars which are modified to use a 12- volt negative ground electrical system only and is not available for 6-volt(original)cars.
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1993 BMW 325i (E36) Blower Motor Service with Air Conditioning

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Removing and Installing/Replacing Heater and Air Conditioning Fan (M50, S50, M52) Additional work on 2-door model: Remove console for the windshield wiper system. Position windscreen wiper, left, vertically. Pull off rubber part and pry out grill. Remove screws from cable channel. Remove screws on right-hand side and take off holder. Unscrew left-hand screw. Pull out air collector in upwards direction. Note:Air collector will be difficult to pull out. M50, M52 Unclip covers. Unscrew bolts. Remove cover of injection-valve plate. Unclip covers and remove screws. Read more

2001 Lexus GS 300 L6-3.0L (2JZ-GE) – Blower Motor Assembly

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a. Disconnect the connector.
b. Remove the 3 screws and blower motor.
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2008 Ford Truck Escape 2WD V6-3.0L Blower Motor Resistor Service and Repair

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2008 Ford Truck Escape 2WD V6-3.0L Vehicle Level Heating and Air Conditioning Blower Motor Resistor Service and Repair
Removal and Installation
1. Lower the glove compartment.
2. Disconnect the blower motor resistor electrical connector.
3. Remove the 2 blower motor resistor screws.
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2001-2004 Ford Taurus Water In The Blower Case—Blower Motor

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Inspect and seal cowl area and install Rain-Hat Extension Seal. Inspect and replace blower motor and/or blower motor resistor if there is evidence of water/corrosion. Refer to the following Service.
Procedure for details.
1. Access blower motor and resistor per the Workshop Manual Sections 412-02 and 412-04. Inspect for evidence of water/corrosion. If water/corrosion are found or parts have failed, replace per Workshop Manual (blower motor 1F1Z-19805-AA and resistor F6DZ-19A706-AA).
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1995 Buick Regal V6-231 3.8L VIN L SFI – HVAC Blower Motor

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HVAC Blower Motor Noise/Vibration
(Install New Blower Motor Assembly and/or VP Lower Compartment Access Hole Cover)
1995-96 Buick Regal
1995-96 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme
1994-96 Pontiac Grand Prix
Some owners may comment on noise and/or vibration from the HVAC blower motor.
This noise/vibration may be due to the blower motor being out of balance, or contents
(i.e. tissues, papers, etc.) in the instrument panel (I/P) lower compartment being drawn
into the blower motor assembly through the re-circulation door during MAX A/C mode.
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2001 GMC Truck C 1500 Truck 2WD Front Side Door Window Regulator Motor Replacement

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Removal Procedure
1. Raise the window. If the window motor is inoperable, remove the window to gain access to the window motor retaining screws. Refer to Front Side Door Window Replacement.
2. Remove the power window module.
3. With the window regulator on the bench, remove fasteners one (1) and two (2) which will disconnect the drive housing and motor (4) from the rail (5) motor slides out of the gear/spool, hold the gear/spool into the housing with your fingers. The spool will unwind if it comes out of the housing.
4. Holding the motor and housing together, remove fastener three (3).
5. Slide the motor partially out of the gear/spool allowing finger access to the gear spool (6). Hold the gear/spool into the housing and remove the motor (7).
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1994–1999 Cadillac DeVille Blower Motor Installation Instructions

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On 1994 and 1995 models: NOTE the below removal procedures pertain to the OE blower motor that was a two piece set up. Remove the cross tower or cross member brace. Disconnect solenoid purge valve electrical and vacuum connectors. Position components aside for access. Remove solenoid purge valve. Remove 3 center screws and inertia plate from blower motor. Reinstall two screws to prevent motor and housing from separating. Disconnect wiring connector from blower motor. Remove 5 blower mounting screws.
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